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Dr. Eric Mayes is Executive Director at the University of Arkansas Academy of Educational Equity, leadership consultant, speaker and coach. A graduate of Harvard, Howard and  the University of Michigan. 

“Ms. Valerie Brock is a committed and tireless educator grounded in evidence-based practices and a dedication to developing the natural greatness and genius of children. Over the course of twenty years in education, I have watched her push, prod and persuade people, institutions and communities to commit to the education of their children. Most would expect this of a dedicated educator, but one of the things that makes Ms. Brock unique is that she begins with the belief that children are brilliant by nature and that the role of a skilled educator is to build a content rich and supportive – emotionally, psychically, spiritually, resource – environment that can cultivate and develop the unique gifts and life purpose of each child. So, seeing Every Child Is A Genius become a reality, for me, is just the natural progression of Mr. Brocks work and vision with and for children, education and community. I believe the real winners are the families she will bring together and serve."


Dr. Tierra Bills

Stephanie Christi'an.jpeg

Steffanie Christi’an is a professional singer, songwriter, and performer from Detroit, Michigan.

Stephanie Christi'an

"I feel so blessed to have met and been taught by Mama Boniswa Brock. As a young teenager, I didn’t realize the vast amount of knowledge she held and passed down would still direct over twenty years later. It wasn’t just what she taught, but HOW she taught. She has the innate ability to present complex scientific and mathematical concepts to students in such a way that the lessons will feel individually crafted just for them. She is the reason I question everything and I’m not sure I would be the person I am today had I not been instructed by her." 

Terra Hassell

"Trusted Advisor, Genuine Guide, The Teacher I grew up during a time when crack was being sold on street corners as AIDS made its way into the inner cities. Detroit was not for the faint of heart. School was my escape and my refuge. It was during my days at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School that I would meet Mama Boniswa Brock. She is one of the most brilliant women I have ever met. Mama Boniswa embodied what we now call “woke”. Teaching chemistry was her job but educating young black youth about who we were and our place in the world was her mission. There were many lessons that I learned from  my beloved teacher that still guide me today, however, the most magnificent was learning about Islam. Today, I wear these beautiful pieces of art in honor of Mama Boniswa Brock. She is a walking testament of Allah’s (swt) grace and mercy. Allahu Akbar."

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Terra Hassell is a dedicated wife and mother of four. She is an international educator and special education consultant with 19 years of experience. She enjoys giving back to the global community by donating her time to those in need. Terra resides in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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