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Our Academics


Every Child is a Genius Preparatory Academy uses K4 Knowing in the fourth dimension pedagogy. The ingenious infusion of kinetics, kinesiology, kinesthetic learning, and knowledge into a STEAM framework of instruction. Teachers will formulate daily lessons immersed in philosophical foundations from  Ellis Paul Torrance creativity concepts, Carol Dweck’s growth mindset, Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, Linda Silverman’s visual-spatial intelligence theory, Eric Jensen’s brain-based learning and a non-deficit approach  transforming ideology from “at risk to at-promise” from “hard to reach to how to reach.”

This unique process of learning shifts the intellectual focus to driving children’s learning and development not just measuring mastery of basic skills. Learning is about mastery of self. The ECIAG K4 curriculum is designed to work alongside national curriculum while simultaneously offering structure to suit individual needs.

Educational Process for Learning


WOW factor, the hook to get the children engaged, motivated and inspired at the beginning of each unit

The Big Picture 

Providing the children and their families with some context to an ECIAG unit. So that connections between previous and new learning can be made.

Capturing Curiosity

Finding out what the children already know, and what they are curious to learn about. Their interests act as a catalyst to support the child’s initiated inquiry

Enabling the environment

Planning and developing relevant indoor and outdoor learning spaces to create a positive social and emotional climate for inquiry and learning to take place


When the teacher-scaffolds using ECIAG learning activities and child-initiated exploration to create individual and collaborative experiences.


The creative opportunities provided to help children demonstrate, share and consider what they have engaged in and learned about


-The end of the unit that helps children reflect, share and celebrate what they have learned

7 Personal Goals for Every Child

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