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A fifth-generation educator. Valerie Brock, M.Ed is proud to exclaim 35-years of service in education.She has worn many hats; teacher, curriculum developer, assistant principal, principal and instructional coach.


She began studying the unlimited genius in children when gifted with two geniuses with unique pathways to express their intelligence…her children. Both are geniuses and gave numerous challenges keeping them engaged in learning for a lifetime. 

The first 2000 days are the most important in the development of the child’s brain.  Knowledge is best retained through experiential learning especially if the learning comes from the child’s imagination, curiosity and innovation. This is the foundation of Every Child Is A Genius. 


Our  Philosophy is Simultaneous Duality -Balance and Harmony in Learning

Children in Science Class


Every Child Is Genius' mission: to elicit

from each child a free-thinking problem-solving sovereign mind through the implementation of K-4 pedagogy in a STEAM curricular framework.

Home School


Every Child Is A Genius' vision is to be the quintessence educational archetype wherein the innate genius inherent in every child will manifest.

Every Child Is A Genius Preparatory Academy will premiere in the internationally renowned  The Avalon Village located in Highland Park, Michigan Founded by Mama Shamymin Shu.


Sustainable Infrastructure

Another exciting feature of the Avalon Village is our solar streetlight! We have the very first residential solar-powered streetlight in Highland Park, installed by the non-profit membership group Soulardarity in 2014. Our city’s streetlights were removed in 2011 due to outstanding municipal debts. Today, our light always shines in the Avalon Village, powered by clean, affordable, green energy.

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