Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Educational Institute and 24 hour Child Care

Every Child Is A Genius will be an umbrella educational institute that provides educational opportunities for children to prepare for the 22nd century global community. This goal of this future institute is to provide 24 hour 7 days a week edu-taining opportunities for ages 2.5-14. The five components for the institute are: 1.5-6 year old year round school with a K4 pedagogy within a STEAM framework, After school STEAM programs for children 6-14, extended care options (after 6pm) for children 2.5-14, weekend hourly opportunities for parents on the go for ages 2.5-14 and a mini “FAO Swartz” STEAM store with multicultural literature, child development and educational materials for the entire community.

Every Child Is A Genius vision is to develop international institutions that are the quintessence educational archetype that sustains an educational environment wherein the innate gifts and talents inherent in every child will manifest. This institute will be successful in all three cities because it will be culturally competent and most importantly fill a tremendous educational gap in services to families. Based on Skillman Foundation research of the estimated 54,000 early age children in the city of Detroit 44,000 need high quality full time year-round childcare, only one-third of the children have access. ( Not only is there a void in educational opportunities, but there is no comprehensive science and art store for children in either community.

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